SAP Central Finance Design & Architecture

When you plan to deploy SAP Central Finance it is important to understand the technical architecture. Few questions, which needs to be answered, are:

  • Are you planning to deploy on cloud or on premise?
  • Are you going to have 3 Tier or 4 Tier landscape?
  • How are you going to refresh your source environments for project testing?
  • What system size will suit you?
  • How are you going to plan the transport management on landscape?
  • How are you managing the configuration harmonization across systems?

This is just a list of few key questions. On overall technical architecture your existing policies, principles and organization may influence decision. We would like to assist you with helping you define your technical architecture to ensure your landscape is not overburdened and is debt free.

Once the technical design is finalized our solution Architects can help you to build an effective functional design which will be fit for purpose and fit for future. Functional design is the baseline to the end objective. For example – if you don’t want to implement processes on top of central finance then you may like to make replication easy with N:1 vendor and customer mapping but if you want to use S/4HANA as transactional system the this will not work. The design decisions may influence long term plan so its important to engage the right people upfront.