SAP Central Finance Deployment Planning including Test Strategy

One of the core of Central Finance implementations is the effective planning & having a right test strategy. Reason why we say this is that SAP Central Finance implementations is different from traditional ERP implementation.

When SAP S/4HANA Central Finance is planned to be implemented in organizations there are few points which needs to be considered as Central Finance Implementation is not a traditional ERP implementation where we follow the standard steps most of the times, usually it was ASAP methodology and now its activate.

Additionally every system integrator also adds up their own ways of working including some accelerators and try to make things more specific by industry or segment of customers.When it comes to Central Finance implementation, it is not that way

It is important to understand that Central Finance projects are different from traditional ERP projects. In ERP projects we create configure a scenario and execute test scripts related to the same like we test P2P process, Q2C process etc.

However, in Central Finance Projects it is more than testing the scenarios rather testing the data. CFIN projects are more focussed on data and transformation of existing data into mew data model based on future design of the organization. In Central Financeprojects, the test should be focussed on data, which is coming in the form of Initial Load and replication.

Initial Load is a foundation of the transformation and set the base of the system so it’s important to give due importance to Load but Replication is something which is ongoing so it should be focussed more. Helicopter view of test strategy looks like this

Testing is the major component in Central Finance deployment. We will help you to plan effectivily in terms of how much time should be given to each phase, what are key business prioritis and what areas should get moe attention in testing. For some customers its initila Load for some customers its real time replication as it all depends on your transformation vision and end objective. Our experience with different customers will help you to help you drafting your planning and test strategy to get the effective results.