New features and updates in SAP’s software offerings

The SAP software was introduced in the market with an aim to simplify business operations by centralizing data management, better manage complex business operations, and improve customer relationships. SAP software consists of a number of full-integrated modules covering almost every aspect of the business management. With lakhs of installations at the global level, SAP has also been delivering industry-specific solutions to its customers. That’s why, SAP’s software offerings are preferred over many of its competitors.

To keep up with the fast pace and rapidly changing demands of the market, SAP continues to add new features and bring new updates in its software offerings. We bring to you a list of some of the recent updates that have been made by the company in its products. Here’s a list of some of the new features recently added in software provisioning manager 1.0.

1. New SAPinst Framework Version 753

The SAPinst framework patch level has been upgraded from version 749 to 753.

2. Linux: Native systemd support

The local support for the software suite systemd for Linux is available for SAP systems beginning with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, and Oracle Linux 8, and the respective SAP kernel patch levels. The native systemd support gets automatically activated when the user installs SAP systems using software provisioning manager 1.0 SP 34 or higher. 

3. Support of AIX 7.3

AIX 7.3 is now supported for all software lifecycle management options from software provisioning manager.

4. Move from 7.21_EXT Kernel to 7.22_EXT Kernel

The maintenance process of Kernel 7.21 has been completed. Additionally, some issues have also been fixed with the new 7.22_EXT kernel media.

5. Configuring the Number of Work Processes during the Installation

It is now possible to enter the number of work processes interactively in custom mode even when performing an installation.

6. New Look & Feel of SL-UI

The software provisioning manager is now available with a new look and feel of the SL-UI. This is as per the version 1.0 SP24 Patch Level (PL) 5.

7. Download Software Packages for Maintenance Planner Transaction

In case the user performs an installation using a Stack XML file, he/she can now download media according to the maintenance plan.

8. Validity Check for SUM*.SAR Archive

The validity check of SUM*.SAR archive is done by the software provisioning manager if the user performs an installation using a Stack XML file and chooses to extract the SUM*.SAR archive.

9. Secure ABAP Message Server Connection

The software provisioning manager now ensures that it uses a secure connection to the ABAP message server of the SAP system being installed.

10. Software Provisioning Manager Log Files Improvements

Once the software provisioning manager has been started, its log files are immediately available. This is before a product has been selected on the ‘Welcome’ screen.

11. Signature Check of Installation Archives

During the Define Parameters phase, the signature check of installation archives is done automatically by software provisioning manager. This is done while processing the Software Package Browser screens. Currently, the software provisioning manager permits only those archives whose signature has been checked.

12. LOADTOOLS.SAR Archive Enabled For NUC

The load tools in SWPM10SP<Support_Package_Number>_<Version_Number>.SAR have now been enabled for an installation using non-Unicode (NUC) SAP kernel version 7.40 or higher also.

13. Enabling IPv6

It is now possible for the user to set up a new SAP system or SAP system instance using Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).

14. Media Signature Check

While processing the Media Browser screens, the signature of media is checked automatically by the software provisioning manager during the Define Parameters phase. Also, the software provisioning manager only accepts those media whose signature has been checked.

15. SAP Host Agent Upgrade During the Installation

This upgrade feature is optional for the user. During the Define Parameters phase of the installation, the software provisioning manager triggers the user whether he/she wants to upgrade an existing version of the SAP Host Agent on the installation host. In case there is no SAP Host Agent on the installation host, it is installed automatically without prompt.

16. Simplified Additional Application Server Instance Installation

Any additional application server instance installation has been simplified for the user. During this process, the SAP kernel archives are only prompted if they cannot be retrieved from the primary application server instance of the existing SAP system.

17. SL-UI with SAPINST 7.49

The new software provisioning manager framework version SAPINST 7.49 is now available for use. This allows the user to use the new SAPUI5-based graphical user interface (GUI) “SL-UI”.

18. Cleanup of Operating System Users

The users can now specify during the Define Parameters phase that the operating system users are to be removed from group sapinst once the execution of software provisioning manager has been completed.

19. Option to install an SAP Gateway in an ASCS instance

The users are now allowed to install SAP Gateway in an ASCS instance. He/she can choose this option while running the ASCS instance installation.

20. Archive-based Language Installation

The users can now add language archives to the download basket and use them for language installation. This is possible if they perform an installation using a Stack XML file. Also, this feature is currently restricted to the latest products only.


All these and many more features have been made available on SAP Products based on SAP NetWeaver 7.3 EHP1 to 7.52 supported for installation using software provisioning manager 1.0. The purpose of SAP ERP is to make things simpler for its users, remove redundancy of data, and provide information access across departments in real-time. To make its best use, it is necessary for the companies to keep it updated with the latest features and make things simpler for its employees. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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