Major difference between SAP ECC and S4 HANA

SAP S4 Hana is optimized version SAP ECC and SAP R/3 which uses SAP in-memory data base SAP-HANA.
Let us focus on the below mentioned differences.
  1. SAP S/4 Hana can run on both cloud (both on Public and Private) and on-premises GUI.
  2. S/4 Hana is based on Finance transformation which employs a single line-item table ACDOCA-Universal Journal combing all the tables of GL, AP, AR, AA, FI, CO & ML etc. Data is stored in single Table and redundant tables are obsoleted.
  3. Inventory Management is reduced from 26 tables in ECC to single tables with MATDOC material line item table.
  4. Material ledger is mandatory and helps for valuation in two additional currencies in S4 Hana which was optional in ECC.
  5. In SAP S4 Hana Customers and vendors are integrated as Business Partner which comes under the topic CVI.
  6. Cost elements are merged as GL accounts in S4 Hana resulting in no need for reconciliation for FI and CO.
  7. Material numbers have been increased to 40 characters in S4 Hana which was big trouble in ECC.
  8. In S4 Hana Pricing Table “KNOV” is replaced by new table “PRCD_ELEMENTS”.
  9. Separate Migration cockpit have introduced in S4 HANA which has made migration easy as compare to ECC migration.
  10. S4 Hana can run on only Hana Database while ECC can run on any Database like Oracle,DB2, MySQL etc.
  11. SAP hana database tables are column based in S4 Hana resulting in better performance in Speed wise due to in- built memory database.
  12. Fiori Apps are available which are real time reporting tools along with the high performance capabilities.

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