Introduction to SAP Successfactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human resources solution for your company. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model underpins this business solution. The tool is designed to meet the requirements of enterprise-class organizations. It also encourages you to improve business execution and demonstrate signs of progress. It comprises a comprehensive set of tightly linked talent management solutions, robust workforce planning and analytics, and a next-generation core HR solution. HR can easily begin work from anywhere and progress to the next step in this suite. SAP SuccessFactors HCM software is also compatible with various legacy frameworks in which the company has previously participated. SAP SuccessFactors is the most demanding HCM software used by most businesses today. It offers numerous advantages, demonstrating that SAP SuccessFactors is the best HR platform for today and the future.

About SAP Successfactors 

Lars Dalgaard founded SuccessFactors in 2001. It began as a SaaS performance management software but expanded its offerings to include business execution software. SAP acquired SuccessFactors in February 2012, renaming it SAP SuccessFactors. The acquisition was primarily viewed as an opportunity to add existing cloud expertise to SAP’s expanding portfolio, allowing SAP to offer a full, cloud-based HCM suite.


In 2012, SAP Jam, a social collaboration solution, was introduced as an integration option to help improve the way employees engage with one another and make decisions in the cloud. The tool enabled team members to share ideas, solve common business problems, align their goals, and more. SAP SuccessFactors has expanded its offerings, including recruitment marketing and posting, onboarding, and workforce analytics. 


What are the key features of SAP Successfactors?


  • Offers a comprehensive HCM suite
  • Global expertise
  • Allows recruitment HR transactions
  • Changes and transfers in position
  • Assists you in the management of time off
  • Payroll timesheets reporting
  • Compliance & auditing integration
  • Crud operations on all SuccessFactors elements
  • Enables you to perform queries at the planned time
  • Promotes extensible learning and development


What is the SAP Success factor Architecture?

SAP SuccessFactors assists businesses in effectively managing HR functions in the cloud environment. This cloud computing solution enables you to connect to SAP ERP via SAP HCI or SAP PI. However, most SuccessFactors clients do not prefer integration with SAP ERP Solutions. To accomplish this, you can use two middleware to integrate the on-premise and cloud environments.


Individuals can use this system to run their business processes in a single integrated environment, including sales, accounting, production, human resources, and finance.

HANA Cloud Integration (HCI)

SAP HCI connects cloud and on-premise solutions by integrating organizational procedures and data. It allows you to integrate business processes from various organizations. It’s also used to describe business units within the same company. SAP HANA Cloud Integration enables the implementation of different organizational strategies, such as synchronization. Using SAP HCI, perform the ETL function Extract-Transform-Tons between your on-premise and cloud systems. Furthermore, Eclipsed-based integration can be used to map various organizational procedures. You can also message and configure those on the SAP HCI platform.


SAP Process Integration (PI)

SAP PI enables you to integrate SAP and non-SAP applications easily. It also allows for integration with an organization’s system.


What are the SAP Successfactors modules?

Employee Central

Employee Central is SuccessFactors’ basic Human Resources module. It is completely customizable and can be controlled through the user interface. Basic HR functionality, self-service for employees and managers, automated workflow and event selection, and localizing and customizing functions, tasks, and payments are all supported business processes. Employee Central provides localizations for more than 100 countries and will support over 170 currencies.


Employee Central Service Center

Employee Central Service Center enables users to create a ticket for HR Service delivery agents after asking HR questions in SuccessFactors. Agents will use the application to manage and troubleshoot tickets and search for employee data in SuccessFactors. Furthermore, users can integrate the Employee Central Service Center into an optional knowledge base application.


Employee Central Payroll

Employee Central Payroll is a cloud-based payroll system that provides functionality to multinational corporations. The basic system is built with the SAP Payroll engine, which is designed to manage extremely complex payrolls. Employee Central Payroll has offices in 46 countries.


Work Zone for HR

Users can access several HR applications, including SuccessFactors and SAP partner applications, from the integrated HR dashboard via Work Zone. The dashboard streamlines functions such as assigned tasks and goals, company communications, and help features. The Software is an SAP Work Zone module subset that provides templated content tailored to HR needs. Companies can use the SAP Cloud Platform to integrate workflows, chatbots, and other features.


Visa and permits management

Using Visa and Permits Management, users can manage and monitor the status of employment visas and work permits for employees, contractors, and dependents. Users may receive process notifications, and visa and permit management analytics provide a better understanding of bottlenecks.


Performance and Goals

SuccessFactors’ first module, Performance & Goals, is now available. Companies can use Performance & Goals to set and cascade objectives, manage performance, and conduct calibrations and 360-degree audits. Using the Continuous Performance Management feature, managers can communicate with employees regularly and discuss goals (CPM).



Managing recruitment, marketing recruitment, and job postings are part of the recruitment feature. This is one of the most widely used modules. It is an applicant tracking system. Users can manage and automate their recruitment process, including creating job specifications, selecting candidates, and handling interviews. Using Recruitment Marketing, users will be able to post jobs on thousands of websites all over the world. Its ability to optimize search engines simplifies the role of the job seeker in locating job listings.


Compensation Management

Compensation management can be used for various compensation types, including bonuses, merit-based pay, salary increases, and short-term and long-term incentive plans. Users are also given information on eligibility, budget, and salary rules. Compensation management, like Employee Central, supports multiple currencies.


Succession and Development

The Succession and Development module includes both career development and succession planning. Users use the organization’s chart-based succession planning approach to manage talent pools, calibration sessions, and talent review presentations. At the same time, employees can use CDP to plan their careers, including searching for or being matched to future roles and identifying the skills required for those roles.



In the Onboarding module, companies can manage all aspects of employee onboarding, including paperwork, orientation, equipment provisioning, and system access. HR will be able to use Onboarding to assign a colleague to a new employee, and they will be able to use Onboarding to sign digital documents. New employees may complete this application before their first day of work.


People Analytics

People Analytics, including SAP Analytics Cloud technology, enables users to create workforce plans and analyze data. Users can create a wide range of dashboards and reports using SAP SuccessFactors data and other sources; and use HR data for workforce planning, analysis, and predictive models.



Using the Learning Management System, users can create and manage learning content such as courses and learning programs. Employees can use LMS to find and follow relevant courses online and via mobile phone. Regulated industries can access a Validated Learning Edition.


Final Thoughts 

Cloud computing has dominated the new era of human capital management. SuccessFactors is a pioneer in this new wave of digital transformation. As more businesses migrate to the cloud, the demand for this Software grows. Prepare to be a part of this evolution by training with TekSkilled’s leading industry experts. To get started, contact one of our advisors today.

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