How to Find A Reliable SAP Instructor?

SAP exams aren’t easy to crack. So, it’s usually recommended to seek support from experts in preparation – to get their insights and assistance to prepare better.

But then there are so many SAP instructors and trainers out there, which one to choose?

Here are six tips to help you find a reliable SAP instructor:

1) Do research online

Every search and research begins with Google. So, search for an SAP instructor who matches your distinct needs and budget. You can also use social media and ask around your friends, family, and other colleagues. If you’re looking for an SAP instructor near you, then you can post on social media asking for recommendations. With all the research, ideally, you want to know about the instructor’s qualifications, experience, specialization, and training/teaching track record.

2) Check out their ratings and reviews

You should also check out the ratings and reviews of instructors on popular platforms like Facebook and Google. Visit their websites to check out testimonials. Spend some time consuming the user-generated content to get a clearer picture of how qualified the instructor is and what other students think about them.

3) Consider their experience

When you’re searching for an SAP instructor, look for someone who has experience teaching in the field. They should be able to explain how they’ve used SAP in the past and what their experience with it is. It’s important to find someone who has a lot of experience with SAP so that they can provide you with tips and insights on how to use it effectively, as well as how you can ace the exam.

4) Talk to their old students

If possible, ask for references to hear from their old students about the instructor’s teaching style. This can help you understand how they teach and whether or not they are the right person for your training needs. A good instructor will always look out for their student’s needs and make sure that they get the best learning experience possible.

5) Look at their curriculum

Looking at their curriculum and syllabus can give you a complete picture of what you can expect from them on the teaching front. You can assess if it matches your learning needs and exactly what you will learn in this span.

6) Ask them questions

Ask them questions about their experience as an instructor to see if they can help you get started with SAP. Ask them about how many students they teach per week and how long it takes them to teach each class. You also want to ask about the material that will be covered in the class and whether or not there will be any practice assignments or quizzes.

Final words

Choosing a good SAP instructor can be the most decisive factor in how well you do in your SAP exam. So, take your time in doing research and considering all the various factors when finding an SAP instructor.

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