CFIN Initial Load

We know that we need to bring the Historical data from source system to central Finance system due several business requirements apart from the real time replication of the transactional data. Its helps in the reporting, planning and Consolidation based on the historical data.
Bringing up the Historical data to central finance system is call Initial load. 


Overview of CFIN Initial load
What are the pre-requisite of Initial load?
We know that except for the FI/CO primary documents all other Initial load are taking place from the System landscape Transformation (SLT).
In this document we will focus for the FI/CO primary documents Initial load which is done by RFC connection.
  1. Configuring source system for initial load
  • Enter in view VCFIN_SOURCE_SET using SM30 and maintain
  1. a) The level of detail of the data that you want to transfer to the Central Finance system for specific time frames.
  2. b) The number of periods for which the financials data should be retained in the transfer table of the source system.
  3. c) The package size. For performance reasons, the default is 50. If you have accounting documents
with only a small number of lines items, you can enter a larger package size.
  1. d) If you have enabled replication of CO postings, GL reconciliation postings will be transferred via CO. You should only set the GL Reconciliation Postings Transferred checkbox, if the replication of CO postings has not been enabled.
  2. e) When the initial load has been completed for a company code, set the Initial Load Finished checkbox.
  1. Configuration in target system
  2. Choose logical system: In this customizing activity, choose the active logical sender systems for the initial load.
  3. Define clearing & substitution accounts:
    1. You must define one migration clearing account for each company code, for which postings are to be loaded into the central finance system. While balances are being posted, this account is used for offsetting postings. Once the initial load is complete, the balance should automatically be
    2. All balances related to reconciliation accounts are first transferred to their assigned substitution accounts. Later open items are posted to the reconciliation accounts, while the offsetting entries are posted to the substitution account. Once the initial load is complete, the balances of the substitution accounts should automatically be
  4. Configure decimal places mapping – If the currency in central finance has fewer decimals than the sender system, the rounding differences have to be handled and distributed to other document items.
  1. Perform the Initial load extraction from the below steps in CFIN IMG path.
  1. Perform the below steps:
T-code “CFINIMG”



  1. Please follow the below path for the Initial load for company code wise.
Start with Data Extraction providing the Initial load group( company codes+ Source Kernel combination)  and follow the subsequent steps.

We can also monitor each step with below path paths/Nodes which will also give the errors details.



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