Bank Account Management in SAP

With the introduction of S4 Hana Finance House Bank accounts are merged into Bank Account management (BAM) in SAP HANA. One of the key changes for the Bank Account Management in SAP S/4 HANA has been that Bank Accounts are no longer configured; and are actually treated as master data.
This, in turn provides complete lifecycle management and change control for the Bank Accounts to the business user.
Bank Account Management is an important area for SAP New Cash Management solutions with implications for cash position, payment management, and bank statements at the same time.
There are two versions provided by the SAP for BAM.
  • Bank Account Management Lite (BAM Lite).
  • Bank Account Management the full version.
Bank Account Management lite:
This version of Bank account Management comes without separate license of SAP Cash Management powered by SAP HANA. This is a compact version of the Bank account management.
The following task would be performed by the light Version:
  1. Bank account can be displayed in the list view.
  1. Bank account Master data can be maintained with the help of BAM lite version.
  1. Tool “Import and export Bank account” is available for the importing and exporting bank accounts.
Bank Account Management full version:
Bank Account Management is the full version provided for customers with the license of SAP Cash Management powered by SAP HANA.
The below mentioned features are available with the Bank account Management full version.
  1. Bank hierarchy view can be displayed for the Bank Accounts.
  1. Overdraft limit can be maintained for Bank accounts.
  1. Bank accounts group can be used to maintain the user defined views.
  1. Payment approvals process are defined using signatories.
  1. Managing cash pools and perform cash concentration.
  1. Workflows are used in the opening, modifying, closing and review Bank accounts.
The below maintained Business functions need to be activated.
  1. FIN-FSCM-BNK – BAM Lite Version.
  2. FIN_FSCM_CLM– BAM Full Version with Cash Management.
Pre-requisite of BAM:
BAM Activation in BTE Level:
IMG Menu: – Financial Accounting (New)>Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)>Tools >Customer Enhancements > Business Transaction Events
T.Code – FIBF


Please perform the below steps:
Below mentioned function are key benefits of Bank Account Management.
  1. Daily Cash Operations with using Bank Account Management in SAP.
  2. Bank Statement Monitor
  3. Cash Position of the Bank
  4. Payment Management and Bank Transfers
  5. Cash Pooling

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