5 Reasons Why You Failed SAP Certification Exam

Didn’t score well in your SAP certification exam? While you prepare for the next attempt, it’s important to evaluate your current result and deep-dive into its reason. Knowing what went wrong this time will help you avoid the same reasons the next time you give the test. Here are five possible reasons why you failed your SAP certification exam.

1. You did not prepare for the exam properly

Preparing for the test may seem like a no-brainer but that’s where so many candidates fall short. They undermine the entire preparation process, either not giving it enough time or assuming they would pass the test without too much work. If you were one of them, your disappointing result isn’t surprising. Remember, SAP certification tests are difficult. Even if you’re academically strong, you must still allot enough time and energy in preparation.

2. You lacked knowledge about SAP software products and technology

You must have a deep understanding of the SAP architecture and the full scope of all SAP-supported modules. You must also be aware of the latest features and enhancements, including those introduced in later versions. The test is designed to gauge your ability to perform all these tasks correctly. If you don’t know what they are, you won’t be able to answer relevant questions correctly.

3. You didn’t know how to execute a good practice test

Another reason why many people fail their SAP certification exam is that they don’t know how to execute a good practice test session before taking it. A lot of people underestimate practicing for such tests assuming that it won’t help them improve their performance in real-life situations when they take the actual exam. Of course, that’s not true. Good practice sessions allow candidates to become familiar with the test, gain more confidence and learn how to manage their time effectively.

4. Your preparation was incomplete

You’ve been studying SAP since July… But did you complete all of your required training? Did you take the time to check out certification forums or ask questions on LinkedIn? If not, that might be the reason why you fell short in the exam. Your preparation needs to be thorough and all-around. You should take help from all available resources to consolidate your preparation.

5. You didn’t enroll in a good SAP training program

While it is true that you can learn everything from books and online resources, attending training sessions will help you in improving your skills and learning more practical things which will help you in getting better results in exams as well as after passing them. If you didn’t sign up for an SAP training program or signed up for the wrong one, that could have played a critical role in your results. In your next attempt, find a reputed institute that offers acclaimed SAP training programs; ensure their tutors are experienced.

Final words

There are various factors that can affect your results on a test like a lack of knowledge about certain topics or a lack of time to study them properly. But one thing that is always required when taking a test is preparation and practice! If you neglect studying for long enough, then it might lead to failure even though you know what needs to be done.

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